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Use this site to submit your CruzNet website to the selected top search engines (currently nine search engines) simultaneously. Since some search engines traverse your front page and look for the meta tags make sure to add the "description" and "keywords" META tags after other meta tags or after the TITLE tag in your front page (usually index.html). An example of the two required META tags are:
< meta   name="description"   content="ACME Software Co. manufactures accounting software and etc..." >
< meta name="keywords"   content="ACME, Accounting Software, Computer Software, etc..." >
To submit your site fill out the following form and press the "Submit To All Search Engines" button. You can also submit to each search engine individually (see the submit buttons below). Please note that this site does not check for errors nor does it take you to an intermediate page for correcting your input. So please check your data before clicking on Submit.
A few minutes After pressing on Submit button you should see a text output from each search engine that received your request. This output is very terse so please look carefully. If you observe any errors reported by any search engine you should correct the error and use the Submit button provided for that Engine to resubmit. If you still see error messages sent by the search engine then you should go to that search engine directly and submit your site via its own submission site. You can also use the link to the third party free submission site that is included in the CruzNet Website Promotion Center
Please note that it may take a few minutes before you see the result since the submission is taking place in real time. Please report any problems to

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