Instructions for uploading your website files to CruzNet

To upload your website files to CruzNet do the following:

1. Make a FTP connection to CruzNet using a FTP software (e.g. WS_FTP).
Use the following information to connect:
FTP host name:
Username: Your user name (without the P)
Password: Your password

2. Change the remote directory (directory in CruzNet) to public_html, which is under your home directory for example: /u2/smith/public_html

3. Your FTP software should allow you to highlight (or mark) the files in your computer that you want to upload into your website. Select the files for upload.

4. Now you can upload the files to the public_html directory. The text files such as html files must be transferred in ASCII mode. The graphic files such as GIF files must be transferred in binary mode. Check the corresponding boxes in your FTP software for the proper transfer mode.

5. Look at your website files using a browser such as Netscape to make sure they are OK. Your default URL address is of the type:
Note: If filename.html is index.html then you do not have to reference it in the URL address, so try to name the main (first) page of your website index.htm or index.html.

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